Let’s Get Motivated - wk 1

Obviously you started working out and changing your diet for a REASON. As we get deeper into our fitness routine, and progress slows or stops, we have to find motivation to keep going.

Before I lost the weight I actually sat down and wrote every reason I wanted to be ‘skinny’. I say it like that because when I started that IS what I wanted -to be thin. Many of my reasons were vain and superficial, but can you blame me? If you’ve been fat for a long period of time, you understand the overwhelming feeling of wanting to be and feel pretty.

However, Some of my reasons weren’t so. I wanted to live an active life, to be out in nature more often than I’m in the house. I wanted to work towards something and be persistent, as I have a tendency to get bored/lazy and quit. I wanted to prove to all the people that put me down that I was capable of being the best version of myself. Most of all I wanted to obtain something which seemed the stuff of fairytales at the time - confidence.

Once progress started showing, I found new reasons to keep going. I added them to my list as reminders that there are always new goals to work towards.

All of these reasons that I started is what kept me going through til the end. I taped that list right next to my mirror and read it everyday. When you remind yourself why you started it all, you will remind yourself why you should keep going.

Why did you start? Why should you keep going? Tell me your reasons for starting the most important journey of life and tag ‘Fit Hippy’ so I can see!

Love you all! ❤️
X Fit Hippy


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